Sister, you are so beautiful

Posted on April 28, 2010


by. my best friend ; Ratri Indah

Sister, you are so beautiful ……
But only in the human eye. While the Almighty never looked any manner or form our bodies. But he saw on his heart and performed deeds of His servants.
Sister, you are so beautiful …..
But physical beauty will never be immortal. Currently the fop can be proud with the comeliness of the face or body. But a few moments later, when his face was wrinkled, his hair was matted and discolored white all, the body no longer upright, bending inedible age, there would be no more to be proud of. The more so if it had entered the grave, surely there would be no human beings who want to close.
Sister, you look beautiful …..
But beauty is gift and proud for what? Beauty should be thankful for the right way. Grateful for beauty is not to show off, displaying pictures or follow the various competitions in order to compare the visual arena, while essentially the face was not hers.
Are not you embarrassed when many eyes are watching men ajnabi days? Are not you embarrassed when your face be enjoyed without permission because you yourself are displaying bluntly. Or shame it has become extinct, extinct? How unfortunate if so while he was part of the faith.
Sister, you look beautiful ….
But what are the benefits of praise and admiration for someone? Does he would add to the reward from Him? Is there derajatmu will rise in the Divine after being praised? Nothing is guaranteed O ukhti. Maybe just the opposite, it makes you beautiful face does not have a price in front of him, because you are not able to maintain compliance with Him.

Sister, you look beautiful
Beauty’s treasure, not the cheap stuff that can be enjoyed with ease. Where is the value if each eye so freely looked pretty fine. Where beauty has its price if diumbar, displayed with a light bluntly. Where is the honor of being the servant of god if every person, whether he is an infidel, idolater or a hypocrite so easy to enjoy the faces of the Muslim?
Sister, you look beautiful …..
It would be wonderful if the physical beauty combined with the beauty of your heart. What’s in a pretty good-looking if you do not have faith. What a beautiful body in order to attract if there’s no shame attached. Cantikkan you with His light. The light that shone brightly from the heart and faith. Obedient heart is always obedient to the Shari’a. Heart of piety, which always run the command and away from His prohibitions. A simple heart, which is not excessive in all world affairs.

Sister, you are so beautiful ……
So beautiful arose before the Creator because it is more meaningful than the display of beauty in people who are not muhrimmu Arose in the presence of your husband’s beautiful, because it is part of jihadmu. Served in humans keridhoan you love for the Divine. Images beautiful, beautiful faith, a beautiful mind, beautiful heart, because it is more enduring.

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