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Posted on April 25, 2010


Suddenly, from outside the door heard a man cry  greetings.  “May I come in?” he asked. But Fatimah did not admit him,  “Forgive me, my father had a fever,” said Fatimah who turned around and closed the door. Then he came back with his father who was already opened her eyes and asked Fatimah, “Who is it, O my daughter.?”
“I do not know my father, people just like the first time I saw him,” Fatimah said gently. Then, Rasulullah looked at his daughter with a view thrilling. As if a portion for a portion of her son’s face was to be remembered. “Behold, he who takes pleasure temporary, he was the one that separates the meeting in the world. He is malaikatul death, “said Prophet, Fatimah was holding her crying blow. Angel of death came approached, but Rasulullah asked why Jibril did not come together accompany it. Then Gabriel dipanggilah previously been prepared on the sky God loved the world welcomes the spirit and the prince of this world. “Gabriel, explain what will my right before God?”, Asked Rasululllah with a very weak voice. “The doors of heaven have been opened, the angels have been waiting for your soul. “All heaven is open wide waiting for your arrival,” said Gabriel. But that did not make Rasulullah relief, his eyes still full of anxiety. “You’re not happy to hear this khabar?”, Said Gabriel again. “Preached to me how the future fate of my people?” “Do not worry, O Messenger of Allah, I never heard God said to me: “Kuharamkan heaven for anyone, except the people of Muhammad has been in it, “said Gabriel. Seconds of getting closer, it’s time to do the task Azrael. Slowly pull the spirit of the Prophet. Visible throughout the body Messenger drenched in sweat, the veins around his neck tightened. “Jibril, how pain sakaratul this death.” Messenger groan slowly. Fatimah closed, Ali down beside the more deeply and Jibril turned away. “Jijikkah you see me, until you Turn your face Gabriel” Rasulullah asked the angel of revelation introduction. “Who is able, God saw lover dying ripped,” said Gabriel. A moment later heard the Messenger of lament, because of illness more intolerable. “Oh God, this terrible death nian, inflicted only all this death penalty to me, but not on my Ummah. ” Body Prophet started cold, feet and chest is not moving again. Her lips quivered as if about to whisper something, Ali soon put his ear. “Uushiikum shalati bus, wa MAA malakat aimanukum” “Fear the prayer, and save weak people among you.” Outside the room, tears beginning to sound bersahutan, mutual friend embraced. Fatimah closed his hand on his face, and Ali returned closer ear to the Prophet who began bluish lips. “Ummatii, ummatii, ummatiii? “-” My, my Ummah, my Ummah ” And, the end of human life is precious to give radiation. Now, it seems Can we love?
How his love for the Prophet to us

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